Apostle Stedroy Williams

Apostle Stedroy Williams was born to Mother Ms. Lorencia Williams in the British Caribbean Island of Montserrat. He gave his life to the Lord in 1984 at the age of 26 years. After receiving Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior, he answered the call to the ministry three months later and began to preach the Gospel. He studied and served in Ministry for seven and a half years at Zoe Word Ministries. Apostle Williams is Founder and Senior Pastor of Victory Christian World Ministries which was established in 2002. Since the inception of this ministry, Apostle Williams has expanded to reach the nations through television and radio broadcasts. His Ministry reaches many nations through the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Apostle Williams, a man of integrity has been anointed to preach the Word of God with signs and wonders in a strong Prophetic and Deliverance Ministry for over 20 years in South Florida and around the world. His passion lies in his objective to reach many nations, to win souls for the Lord, and to bring deliverance to sick and hurting people. He is led by the power of the Holy Ghost... WHO, having manifested himself through him is using him to MAKE THE BLIND SEE, the CRIPPLED WALK, the DEAF HEAR and AIDS & CANCER PATIENTS HEALED. He has traveled extensively, and continues to travel extensively healing and spreading the word of God locally, nationally and internationally. Serving along with him, is his wife, and Co-Pastor of Victory Christian World Ministries, Pastor Shernet Williams; a woman of integrity and strength. She is gifted with a wise and energetic delivery of the word of God, ministering deliverance to those caught in the snares of sin.


Pastor Shernet Williams

was born in Clarendon Jamaica, British West Indies. She grew up with her family as a Jehovah Witness, and at the age of twelve she gave her life to the Lord and made the decision to serve him. After several years, she backslid and lived a life that was of the world. In 1988 she met and married her husband Stedroy Williams. It was after then that she grew closer to God and rededicated her life to him. Alongside with her husband she set out to study the Word of God and to serve in ministry for seven years at Zoe Word Ministries. She is cofounder of Victory Christian World Ministries, and travels extensively spreading the Word of God, saving lost souls, and healing the sick and broken, locally, nationally and internationally. Pastor Shernet has a passion for teaching the Word of God. She also has a passion to see families reconcile. This has given her the drive to help families in distress through marital guidance and counseling. She has an exceptional gift for encouraging couples through the wisdom of God to do what is right. She is a woman of strong character. This is the force which propels her to achieve what she has set forth to accomplish. She seeks results and gets results in every task she undertakes. She is a woman of great integrity.

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